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Welcome To David Jessop's Forgotten Hull

This site shows some of the lesser-known, but once important, aspects of Hull's past.  It does not contain  information on Philip Larkin.

I was born in Hull and spent the first 25 years of my life there. It was once said that Hull was a "fish dock at the end of a railway siding".  There was indeed a fishing industry and a very extensive railway network but that is only part of the story.  As an art, then architecture, student in the mid-80's I discovered the forgotten industries through the then surviving buildings in places like Wincolmlee, Lime Street and Scott Street.

Family connections led to an interest in the fire brigade and the photographs in this section are from the family archive, mainly taken by IK Jessop in the 1960s.

The site was inspired by being able to "visit" the sites in the present day using satellite maps.  I was profoundly saddened at the loss over the last twenty or so years.  I hope you enjoy and maybe remember some of the views.

David Jessop, April 2011.


August 2016- available now:

Firefighting in Hull- an Illustrated History by David Jessop

Newly published book- the most comprehensive history so far, lavishly illustrated- covers early 19th C. to 1974.

See current Ebay listing (search on "Hull fire")  or contact davidjessop@hotmail.com for further details

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